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Grace Kwong, "藝術家在異鄉," HK 01, Hon

Grace Kwong, "藝術家在異鄉," HK 01, Hong Kong, 9.9.2016. 08.

"多元創作 連繫生活---十個「新藝力」的貼地藝術," Sing

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Zhang Qixia, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 22.01.2016. c3.

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Liu Dongpei, "搭地鐵笑一笑 為旅程加糖," Apple Daily, Hong Kong, 17.11.2015.

Wendy Wo, "【畢業展】差不多《在此," www.thes

Wendy Wo, "【畢業展】差不多《在此,", 30.7.2015.

"They are artists: Siddharth Chou

"They are artists: Siddharth Choudhary",, 20.7.2015.

Nguyen blue, "Beyond the current

Nguyen blue, "Beyond the current exhibition,", 26.6.2015.

Kylie Knot, "Entries open for Hon

Kylie Knot, South China Morning Post, Arts & Entertainment, 21.8.2015.

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Christopher Dewolf, "The Right Art," Surface Asia, Singapore, February 2015, 108-13.

"The lady with a red face," Pion

"The lady with a red face," Pioneer, New Delhi, 26.2.2013.

"Some arty reflections," Hindust

"Some arty reflections," Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 23.7.2012.

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"Young at art," Millennium Post, New Delhi, 27.7.2012.

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"32 Mind creative", & magazine, April 2011. 34,35.

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Dr. Seema Bawa, "Double Entendres," Deccan Chronicle, New Delhi, 5.6.2011.

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Georgina Maddox: "Caught in the rhetoric", The Indian Express, New Delhi, 11.11.2010.

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Poulami Mukherjee "Zipping through life," The Hindu, New Delhi, 5.11.2010.

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Hassan M. Kamal, "Art of the matter," The Asian Age, India, 29.3.2009.

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Georgina Maddox, "The king of pop," The Indian Express, Mumbai, 17.12.2008.

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"Discovering new talent", Bombay times, 29.11.2008.

"Colourful start", DNA, Mumbai,

"Colourful start", DNA, Mumbai 22.11.2008.

"If wishes were horses", Mid Day

"If wishes were horses", Mid Day, Mumbai, 5.11.2008.

"Art for heart's sake", Mumbai M

"Art for heart's sake", Mumbai Mirror 23.7.2007

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