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I have been leading a nomadic life. Over the past decade I have lived in Mumbai, Paris and Hong Kong before arriving at my final port of call in Boston in 2017. Living in different countries has led me to explore notions of national borders and what it might mean for different people. My projects variously enquire into cultural, psychological and political dimensions of crisscrossing international borders. For instance, in my recently concluded project “Of No Fixed Address”, I constructed non-hierarchical intercultural interactions across geographical and cultural boundaries of all the different places I have lived in.  In “Between Places”, an earlier project, I humorously engaged with my difficulties with visa and border officials as I moved from one country to another.

My recent works comprise digital drawings. I am interested in new technologies and how they relate to traditional art practices. I work with a stylus on a digital canvas of backlit LED screens and a large format inkjet printer installed in my studio. I frequently use Photoshop’s pastel brush to create linear graphic strokes as well as painterly effects. As pigmented canvas prints, these marks negotiate the boundary between drawing, painting and printmaking. Occasionally, I use the drawings as a starting point for further possibilities such as digital collage or a short film. I draw upon a wide range of sources such as popular illustration, caricature, daily stream of news and entertainment media as well as folk art.  

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